How do I find school ratings for an area I’m interested in?

Summary: There are a few ways you can find information on the schools in the area you’re interested in. Although it is difficult for your Realtor to show personal insights, you can always go tour the schools, compare the school districts, and drop in on some PTA meetings to learn more.   School’s Impact on Property A common question home … Read More

How do I find info about a neighborhood / area?

Summary: There are certain rules against giving personal insight into a specific area or neighborhood, but there are many resources available to help make an educated decision. Some of these include looking at crime maps, the national sex offender list, compare the number of houses for sale in the area, take a tour and look at the conditions, and talk … Read More

How do I find a rent-to-own property?

Summary: A rent-to-own property can be difficult to find, but with a real estate agent, it can be possible. Sometimes, it’s all about knowing the area, the seller’s situation, and the market. Rent-to-own properties can be a great option for people who want a home but who don’t qualify for a mortgage yet.   Finding a Rent-to-Own Home A simple … Read More

What is the first step of the home buying process?

Summary:  The first step in buying a home is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. When you get the pre-approval letter from a lender, you will be able to start the process of buying a home.   Getting Started The first thing you need to know when buying a home is how much you are able to borrow. Knowing how much … Read More

What is a foreclosure?

Summary: A foreclosure is a property that belongs to a lender. This usually means that the previous homeowner failed to pay the mortgage and had to give the lender the deed to the house. Most foreclosures are sold “as-is”, therefore, they are often bought, fixed up or “flipped,” and sold by an investor.   The Foreclosure Process If a previous … Read More

What is a buyer’s market?

Summary: A buyer’s market is when a home buyer can negotiate lowering the listing price because there are more houses for sale than there are people who want to buy them. Houses tend to sell for less and sit on the market for a longer period of time before receiving an offer during this time.   The best bang for your … Read More