How do I know the best time to sell my home?

Summary: Unfortunately, this isn’t a question that can be easily answered with a general response. If it is a seller’s market and the weather is warming up, it might be the perfect time to put that For Sale sign in the front yard! Springtime seems to be the best time for buyers to tour houses and neighborhood.


Best Time of the Year

The best time to sell your home really depends on the location of your home. The market trends also play a huge role. If it is a buyer’s market, it might not be the best time to sell your house. If it is a seller’s market, you should strategize your selling opportunities with a Realtor! All that said, people tend to start looking for homes as the weather gets warmer. That means you may want to start prepping your home in the winter months to sell in spring.

Best Time for You

The best way to decide if it’s a good time to sell your house is if you are in a good place personally and financially, and only you can know that. There are some really good reasons to sell, like if your family is growing or if you got a new job in a different city. If you don’t have something specific on your timeline, it can be tough to know when to do it!


Your personal connection to your home is different for each person. If you’ve watched your children grow up within those walls, letting go can take some time. Unless you are being rushed for whatever reason, you should give yourself the time you need to not only clear through all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated but also work through any emotional ties  you have to your home. Does your home still fit your needs? Are you starting your family or are your kids needing more space? It may be a good time to look into buying a bigger home. Are you a new “empty nester” and no longer need a large family home? It could be a great time to downsize into a smaller house or condo in an urban area for convenient access to city living.



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